Upwork RSS Parser

This Python3 script will monitor Upwork RSS feed and then email you the results.

Table of Contents

General Information

This Python3 script will monitor Upwork RSS feed, filter out listings based on client budget/keywords, and then email you the results.

Technologies Used

  • Python3
  • requests
  • bs4 (BeautifulSoup)
  • lxml
  • ssl
  • smtplib
  • email.message


  • Parses Upwork RSS feed every N seconds
  • Filters out listings that don’t meet the desired minimum budget
  • Filters out listings that don’t contain at least one specific keyword
  • Emails you the results (if there are any)




download/clone repo

Login to Upwork, navigate to the job search page within the category of your choice. In my case it was “Web, Mobile, & Software Development”. Make sure the results are sorted by “newest”. Then click on the icon that looks like a green wifi logo. Right click on RSS, then copy the URL.


If you want email sending capabilities, first create a new Gmail account. Then go into the account settings and enable “less secure apps”.

After creating your email account for sending emails, open upwork-rss-parser.py and edit the following values:

KEYWORDS = [“website”, “wordpress”, “react”, “javascript”, “landing”, “elementor”] #keywords to look for in title/description

MINIMUM_BUDGET = 250 #Minimum budget to search for in dollars

RSS_URL = “https://www.upwork.com” #Upwork RSS URL that you gathered earlier

TO_EMAIL = “[email protected]” #Email address that you want to receive the notifications on

FROM_EMAIL = “[email protected]” #Email address that you created on Gmail with less secure apps enabled

SLEEP_TIME = 250 #Time to sleep between Upwork RSS HTTP GET requests

run pip3 install -r requirements.txt in project root directory

run python3 upwork-rss-parser.py in project root directory

Project Status

in progress


  • Resend email on failure
  • More RSS feeds?


  • Many thanks to Sergii, Chris, Swapna, Aras, Brock, Ibrahim, Ali, Sandra, Abhishek, my cat, Mozart, Monster Energy


Created by Chris☕ @chrmc – feel free to contact me!


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