Patient Knowledge Distillation for BERT Model Compression

Knowledge distillation for BERT model


Run command below to install the environment

conda install pytorch torchvision cudatoolkit=10.0 -c pytorch
pip install -r requirements.txt


Objective Function

L = (1 - \alpha) L_CE + \alpha * L_DS + \beta * L_PT,

where L_CE is the CrossEntropy loss, DS is the usual Distillation loss, and PT is the proposed loss. Please see our paper below for more details.

Data Preprocess

Modify the HOME_DATA_FOLDER in and put all data under it (by default it is ./data), RTE data is uploaded for your convenience.

  • The folder name under HOME_DATA_FOLDER should be
    • data_raw: store the raw datas of all tasks. So put downloaded raw data under here
      • MRPC
      • RTE
      • … (other tasks)
    • data_feat: store the tokenized data under this folder (optional)
      • MRPC
      • RTE
  • models
    • pretrained: put downloaded pretrained model (bert-base-uncased) under this folder

Predefinted Training

Run to start training, you can set DEBUG = True to run some pre-defined arguments

  • set argv = get_predefine_argv(‘glue’, ‘RTE’, ‘finetune_teacher’) or argv = get_predefine_argv(‘glue’, ‘RTE’, ‘finetune_student’) to start the normal fine-tuning
  • run to get teacher’s prediction for KD or PKD.
    • set output_all_layers = True for patient teacher
    • set output_all_layers = False for normal teacher
  • set argv = get_predefine_argv(‘glue’, ‘RTE’, ‘kd’) to start the vanilla KD
  • set argv = get_predefine_argv(‘glue’, ‘RTE’, ‘kd.cls’) to start the vanilla KD


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If you find this code useful for your research, please consider citing:

title={Patient Knowledge Distillation for BERT Model Compression},
author={Sun, Siqi and Cheng, Yu and Gan, Zhe and Liu, Jingjing},
journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1908.09355},

Paper is available at here.


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