Hierarchically-nested Adversarial Network (Pytorch implementation)

We call our method HDGAN, referring to High-Definition results and the idea of Hierarchically-nested Discriminators.



  • Python 3
  • Pytorch 0.3.1
  • Anaconda 3.6
  • Tensorflow 1.4.1 (for evaluation only)


Download preprocessed data in /Data.

  • Download birds to Data/birds
  • Download flowers Data/flowers
  • Download coco Data/coco. Also download COCO images to Data/coco/coco_official


  • For bird: goto train/train_gan: device=0 sh train_birds.sh
  • For flower: goto train/train_gan: device=0 sh train_flower.sh
  • For coco: goto train/train_gan: device=0,1 sh train_coco.sh

To use multiple GPUs, simply set device='0,1,..' as a set of gpu ids.

Monitor your training in two ways

  • Launch Visdom (see here): python -m visdom.server -port 43426 (keep the same port id with _port defined in plot_utils.py). Then access http://localhost:43426 from the browser.
  • Check fixed sample results per epoch in the checkpoint folder.


  • Go to test/test_gan:
  • sh test_birds.sh for birds
  • sh test_flowers.sh for flower
  • sh test_coco.sh for coco


We provide multiple evaluation tools to ease test. Evaluation needs the sampled results obtained in Testing and saved in ./Results.

  • Go to /Evaluation

Inception score

  • Download inception models to the Evaluation/inception_score/inception_finetuned_models folder compute inception scores.
  • Compute the inception score: sh compute_inception_score.sh


  • Compute the MS-SSIM score: sh compute_ms_ssim.sh


  • Download models to the Evaluation/neudist/neudist_[dataset] folder.
  • Evaluate the VS-smilarity score: sh compute_neudist_score.sh

Pretrained Models

We provide pretrained models for birds, flowers, and coco.

  • Download the pretrained models. Save them to the Models/ folder.
  • It contains HDGAN for birds and flowers, visual similarity model for birds and flowers



If you find HDGAN useful in your research, please cite:

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