Make-A-Scene – PyTorch

Pytorch implementation of Make-A-Scene: Scene-Based Text-to-Image Generation with Human Priors (

results Figure 1. from paper

Note: this is work in progress. Everyone is happily invited to contribute

Paper Description:

Make-A-Scene modifies the VQGAN framework. It makes heavy use of using semantic segmentation maps for extra conditioning. This enables more influence on the generation process. Morever, it also conditions on text. The main improvements are the following:

  1. Segmentation condition: separate VQVAE is trained (VQ-SEG) + loss modified to a weighted binary cross entropy. (3.4)
  2. VQGAN training (VQ-IMG) is extended by Face-Loss & Object-Loss (3.3 & 3.5)
  3. Classifier Guidance for the autoregressive transformer (3.7)

Training Pipeline

results Figure 6. from paper

What needs to be done?

Refer to the different folders to see details.


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