PyTorch Lightning Optical Flow

This is a collection of state-of-the-art deep model for estimating optical flow. The main goal is to provide a unified framework where multiple models can be trained and tested more easily.

The work and code from many others are present here. I tried to make sure everything is properly referenced, but please let me know if I missed something.

This is still under development, so some things may not work as intended. I plan to add more models in the future, as well keep improving the platform.

Available models

Read more details about the models on


You can see a table with main evaluation results of the available models here. More results are also available in the folder docs/source/results.

Disclaimer: These results are the ones obtained by evaluating the available models in this framework in my machine. Your results may be different due to differences in hardware and software. I also do not guarantee that the results of each model will be similar to the ones presented in the respective papers or other original sources. If you need to replicate the original results from a paper, you should use the original implementations.

Getting started

Please take a look at the documentation to learn how to install and use PTLFlow.

You can also check the notebooks below running on Google Colab for some practical examples: