pyZscaler - An unofficial SDK for the Zscaler API

pyZscaler is an SDK that provides a uniform and easy-to-use interface for each of the Zscaler product APIs.

This SDK is not affiliated with, nor supported by Zscaler in any way.


Each Zscaler product has separate developer documentation and authentication methods. This SDK simplifies
software development using the Zscaler API.

This SDK leverages the RESTfly framework developed
by Steve McGrath.


  • Simplified authentication with Zscaler APIs.
  • Uniform interaction with all Zscaler APIs.
  • Uses python-box to add dot notation access to json data structures.
  • Zscaler API output automatically converted from CamelCase to Snake Case.
  • Various quality of life enhancements for object CRUD methods.


  • Zscaler Private Access (ZPA)
  • Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA)
  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) - (work in progress)


The most recent version can be installed from pypi as per below.

$ pip install pyzscaler


Before you can interact with any of the Zscaler APIs, you may need to generate API keys or retrieve tenancy information
for each product that you are interfacing with. Once you have the requirements and you have installed pyZscaler,
you're ready to go.

Quick ZIA Example

from pyzscaler.zia import ZIA
from pprint import pprint

zia = ZIA(api_key='API_KEY', cloud='CLOUD', username='USERNAME', password='PASSWORD')
for user in zia.users.list():

Quick ZPA Example

from pyzscaler.zpa import ZPA
from pprint import pprint

zpa = ZPA(client_id='CLIENT_ID', client_secret='CLIENT_SECRET', customer_id='CUSTOMER_ID')
for app_segment in zpa.app_segments.list():


Contributions to pyZscaler are absolutely welcome.

Please see the Contribution Guidelines for more information.

Poetry is currently being used for builds and management. You'll want to have
poetry installed and available in your environment.


Please feel free to open an issue using Github Issues if you run into any problems using pyZscaler.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2021 Mitch Kelly

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