QR Code Application

This is a basic QR Code application.
Using this application you can generate QR code for you text/links.
Using this application you can read (decode) QR codes.

Author – Atharva Parkhe


  • Generate QR codes for text and links.
  • QR codes generated are universally accepted.
  • Read/Decode QR codes.

Tech Stack

Backebd: Django (Python)

Frontend: ReactJS (Java-Script)

API Reference

Get all items

  POST /api/read/
Parameter Type Description
file image (file) Required. Upload Image file (form-data)

RESPONSE – Decoded text from the QR code Image.

Get item

  GET /api/generate/
Parameter Type Description
text string Required. Text to be converted into QR code


Run Locally

Step#1 : Create Virtual Environment

  virtualenv env

Step#2 : Activate Virtual Environment

  source env/bin/activate

Step#3 : Clone the project

  git clone https://github.com/atharvparkhe/QRcode.git

Step#4 : Go to the project directory

  cd QRcode

Step#5 : Install dependencies

  pip install -r requirements.txt

Step#6 : Make Migrations

  python3 manage.py makemigrations
  python3 manage.py migrate

Step#7 : Run Server

  python3 manage.py runserver

Check the terminal if any error.


The docs folder contain all the project documentations and screenshots related the project.

Postman Endpoints – https://www.getpostman.com/collections/cd81994f26e4f66094be


ENV file


Youtube Tutorial – I will upload tutorial video soon. Stay Tuned.