Quickly, simply, and asynchronously download NFT’s from an Opensea collection.


This tool is not developed to encourage or facilitate any piracy. It exists to express a point; that NFT’s are nothing more than receipts on the blockchain, and that all assets are simply hosted on Google and can easily be downloaded by anyone. It also exists to allow NFT enthusiasts and owners to easily access their own NFT’s as well as other NFT’s in the collection.
No warez is included in this release and this release utilizes the official OpenSea API (which they can modify to prevent this) to accomplish tasks.


pip install -r requirements.txt

Usage: collection_id (collection is also known as “slug”).
Example: boredapeyachtclub

Rate limits

This release uses the official OpenSea API. While it uses a throttler library to prevent it, you may still get temporarily rate limited or blocked from OpenSea API. I am not responsible for this or other disciplinary measures that OpenSea (although they probably wont) may take against you.
That being said, you can edit the throttler declaration at the top of the module to slow down or speed up the downloader if things are too slow or if you are getting 429’d.


Resources used for creating logo:
Mouse Icon by Phoenix Dungeon
Canvas Painting Icon on Iconscout


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