Random JSON Key:Value Pair Generator

This simple script take an engish dictionary of words and and makes random key value pairs. The dictionary has approx 270k words.


Just run python generate.py followed by the number of key:value pairs you want to produce.

$ python generate.py 10 | jq
  "thundercrack": "quanted",
  "hongs": "atrophic",
  "overdrifted": "intombs",
  "earlike": "chlamydate",
  "toadpipes": "jonahs",
  "flagrantly": "infand",
  "kaliana": "nonserviceableness",
  "maidkin": "obeli",
  "beguiled": "rhetorically",
  "treponemas": "faradaic"


  • Its does not check for duplicates.
  • Its not pretty output. If you wan’t it pretty pipe it to jq.
  • We can’t save to a file so pipe it ‘>’ to a file if need be.



  • Requires python
  • Clone repo
  • run pipenv shell && pipenv install


GitHub - chris-edwards-pub/random-json-key-value-pair-generator at pythonawesome.com
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