Started off as the Marvel Master Reading Order + Others but has rapidly changed into support for all facets of reading lists.

These lists are not created by me. Credit goes to the orginal authors. I’m just curating them into a single place to hopefully make it easier for people to find what they want to read.

About This Project

  • The main intention of this project is to create an organised source of reading lists for use with comic readers/management software
  • All reading lists are provided in CBL format, with book data verified on ComicVine
  • The data used to create these reading lists is based on CBRO, CMRO and other reading-list management tools. The intention of this project is not to create an alternative to these tools, but to make the information in these tools usable in comic reading/management software.


We are looking for people who want to assist in the efforts to make the best reading lists possible.

Contributing code (Pull Requests)

  • Only make pull requests against the untrusted branch – never main!
  • Please explain your logic when submitting each PR. You’re probably going to get some comments or questions from us, to ensure consistency and maintainability.
  • Each PR should come from its own feature branch not the untrusted branch in your fork, with a meaningful name (what is being added/fixed)
  • Make meaningful commits, squash them if necessary
  • Try to keep it to one feature/fix per pull request to keep things clean and easy to understand

Suggesting improvements or changes

  • If you have any constructive feedback on the data structure, how reading lists are handled, or issues within the reading-lists themselves, please create an issue on Github which clearly explains your thoughts.


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