E-Shelter Excel2QR

Reads Data from given Excel File and exports Single PDFs and a complete PDF grouped by Gateway




  • Reads Excel 2021
  • Export Single Labels as PDF and SVG
  • Export PDF with all rows grouped by Gateway

Folder Structure

  • Data
    \ xlsx – Insert Excel Files here
    \ output – Storage Folder for the combined PDFs
    \ output_pdf – Storage Folder for the PDFs grouped by Gateway
    \ output_svg – Storage Folder for the SVGs grouped by Gateway



  • put your Excel Assetlist into data/xlsx Folder
  • start

Windows executable

Source Installation Linux

git clone https://github.com/corgan2222/E-Shelter_XLS2QR.git
cd E-Shelter_XLS2QR
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt 

There are two running modes.

1. Folder Based

python3 xls2qr.py
  • just run the script with no parameter.
  • The script will look in the data/xlsx Folder for an Excel File

2. File based

You can define all files and Folder via command line parameter

python3 xls2qr.py -x [excelfile] 

example Windows

python3 xls2qr.py -x "c:\tmp\file.xlsx" 

example Linux

python3 xls2qr.py -i "/home/user/files/file.xlsx" 

Command line Settings

Option Description Notes
-x Excelfile “/home/user/files/file.xlsx”
-o Output Folder “/home/user/files/data/output”
-l Logfile “/car/log/debug.log”
-v verbose show debug logs if set
-q quit no output


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