Coastal Monitoring at the University of Manoa

Source code for Beaglebone/RPi-based data loggers, shore internet gateways, and web server. Software developed for the Coastal Environment Monitoring project at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Project website:

I'm using this mostly for synchronizing the software and configurations on our gateways, loggers, and servers; I'm not using this to track issues or updates. More like "Dropbox for source code" than "git for source control".

That said, the drivers/ folder does contain Python drivers/helpers for sensors commonly used in environmental/oceanographic monitoring projects that might be reusable:

  • Oxygen optodes, salinity/conductivity, pH, plus various submersible, bulky, and/or expensive stuff

    • Aanderaa 3835 (Dissolved Oxygen)
    • Aanderaa 4330F (Dissolved Oxygen)
    • Aanderaa 4531D (Dissolved Oxygen)
    • Aanderaa 4319A (Conductivity/Salinity)
    • Seabird CTD 16plusV2
    • SeaFET/SeapHOx sensor (pH, DO, CTD)
    • WET Labs ECO FLNTUSB/FDOM (Chlorophyll/Turbidity/Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter)
  • Temperature, humidity, pressure

    • TSYS01 (Temperature)
    • MS5803/MS5837 (Water pressure and temperature)
    • HTU21D (Humidity/Temperature sensor; code from Adafruit)
    • BMP280 (Barometric pressure and temperature)
    • BME280 (Barometric pressure, temperature and humidity; code from Adafruit)
    • BMP180 (Barometric pressure and temperature; code from Adafruit)
    • MCP9808 (Temperature; code from Adafruit)
  • Light

    • VEML6030 (high dynamic range light sensor)
    • VEML6040 (RGB light sensor)
    • Si1145 (IR/UV/visible light sensor)
    • TSL2591 (high dynamic range IR/visible light sensor)
    • TCS34725 (RGB light sensor)
  • Misc

    • Atlas Scientific EZO series sensors
      • Electrical Conductivity
      • Dissolved Oxygen
      • pH
      • Oxidation Reduction Potential
      • 20x4 LCD display with PCF8574T I2C I/O expander