Available ready-to-use face models:

Alexandra Daddario


Margot Robbie


Sylvester Stallone


Tom Cruise


If you want a higher quality or better face match, you can train your own face model using DeepFaceLab

Here is an example of Arnold Schwarzneggar trained on a particular face and used in a video call. Read the FAQ for more information.

Minimum system requirements

any DirectX12 compatible graphics card

Modern CPU with AVX instructions

4GB RAM, 32GB+ paging file

Windows 10

Setup tutorial

Windows 10 x64


User FAQ

Developer FAQ


Windows 10 x64 (mega.nz) DirectX12 build : NVIDIA, AMD, Intel videocards.

NVIDIA build : NVIDIA cards only, GT730 and higher. Works faster than DX12.

Communication groups

Discord Official discord channel. English / Russian.
mrdeepfakes the biggest NSFW English deepfake community

How can I help the project?

I need the computing power to train models.

If you have a free computer with 2080TI or better card with 12GB+ VRAM, you can give me remote access to it. I will train 1 model in a month. Contact me(iperov#6528) in Discord channel.

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