Real time Object detection & Classification using YOLO algorithm.

Real Time Object Detection and Classification using Yolo Algorithm.

What is Object Detection and classification?

Object Detection is a computer vision task which gives the machine an ability to detect the instances of object present in an image or a video. This technique tells the exact location of the visual object(s).

Once the object is detected, it is classified into certain classes (for example person, dog, cat, cellphone, truck, car,etc). Object detection and classification is the base to any computer vision application.

Let's understand the whole concept of object detection using an image.

In the above image the major objects that we can detect through our naked eye are:-

a) A Dog

b) A bicycle

c) A truck

So when the process of Detecting and classifying the objects in the above picture is performed by the computer, this process is called object detection and classification.

The following is the output that the machine will provide us with after performing the object detection and classification task:-

The objects are detected and are classified into different classes( shown in different bounding boxes).

Object Detection using DeepLearning algorithms.

What is YOLO algorithm?

Yolo(You Only Look Once) is

Tools and softwares required for this project.

  1. OpenCV (Download Link -
  2. Yolo Configuration and Weights file. (Download Link -
GitHub - ketan132000/Object_detection-Using-YOLO- at
Real Time Object Detection and Classification using Yolo Algorithm. - GitHub - ketan132000/Object_detection-Using-YOLO- at