Real-time text-editor using python tcp socket

This project does not need any external libraries so you don’t need to use virtual environments. All you to is first run run-server.bat (If you are host), then run run-gui.bat.
And for people who are not host should only run run-gui.bat

!! If you are using linux you can use and files !!

Make sure the python executable is in your PATH environment variable.

how to interact

  1. first you need to run the bat file according to the text above.
  2. Then you connect to the tcp socket with entering your name in the name field (left of Join button) then press the join button.
  3. Now you are connected to the socket. You can edit text using the left textarea (if on one hasn’t edited for 5 seconds).
  4. The right textarea is for logs, you can see who is editing now, and if you can edit the text or not, and who just joined the socket!
  5. Enjoy !


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