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This repo will help you figure out the amount of ingredients to buy for a certain number of meals with selected recipes.

Getting Started


pip install -e .


To start, create a menu in desired language (available options: en / zh):

python -m --fname input.json --lang en

Open input.json, fill in the number of meals you would like to have for each recipe. Then, run the following command to get the list of ingredients:

python -m recipe_reduce.main --fname input.json --lang en



  "甜粘三文鱼 配 烤蔬菜和米饭": 1,
  "柠檬刺山柑猪排和帕尔马玉米粥 配 迷迭香和大蒜烤青豆": 1


[("rice", 2.5), ("green_beans", 0.5), ("bell_pepper", 0.5), ("garlic", 1.0), ("sesame", 0.125), ("tamari", 0.25), ("salmon", 5), ("sweet_chili_sauce", 1.5), ("lime", 0.5), ("chives", 0.125), ("rosemary", 0.125), ("lemon", 0.5), ("parmesan", 0.375), ("polenta", 1.5), ("pork", 6), ("turkey_broth_con", 0.5), ("caper", 0.5)]

More Recipes!

Add a New Recipe

To add a new recipe, have a look at recipe_reduce/, create and add your own recipe to ALL_RECIPES.

Add New Ingredients

You might also want to add new ingredents, open data/items.csv and fill in the item information. Then, add a constant string in recipe_reduce/ consistent with the item id in the csv.


  • Print detailed item information from csv
  • Automatically add to WholeFoods cart with item url and amount


GitHub - qibinc/RecipeReduce at
RecipeReduce: Simplified Recipe Processing for Lazy Programmers - GitHub - qibinc/RecipeReduce at