DietPDF aims at reducing PDF file size while not degrading quality nor losing


DietPDF aims at reducing PDF file size while not degrading quality.

Here are some tricks used to achieve this goal:

  • Use Zopfli instead of Zlib to get better compression ratio while being
    compatible with Zlib.
  • Use JpegTran to optimize and remove unnecessary data from embedded JPEGs.
  • Use of Run-Length Encoding to help Zopfli achieve better compression.
  • Use Zopfli on embedded JPEGs, it helps sometimes
  • Remove unnecessary spaces in the PDF
  • Converts end of lines to spaces in Form Objects or Contents (this helps

It also comes with extractpdf which extract all the streams contained in a
PDF file.


This program is not ready for production!

It does not support cross-reference objects for the moment.

This project has been set up using PyScaffold 3.3.1. For details and usage
information on PyScaffold see


This is plain Python 3 using (quite) only standard libraries.

It uses the following external programs:

  • zopfli (apt install zopfli)
  • jpegtran (apt install libjpeg-turbo-progs)


In dietpdf directory:

pip3 install .

python3 install –home=~


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