A python script providing an idea of how a MindSphere application, e.g., a dashboard, can be displayed around the clock without the need of manual re-authentication on enforced session expiration.

How it works

The script starts a new incognito Chrome window, logs into MindSphere and navigates to the configured dashboard’s URL. As soon as the pre-configured reloadAfterSec seconds elapse, the Chrome window is closed and everything starts from the beginning.
Along with the reloadAfterSec, the configuration file contains the URL to navigate to, MindSphere username and password:

  "url": "<dashboard's URL>",
  "user": {
    "email": "<MindSphere User>",
    "password": "<Password>"
  "reloadAfterSec": 10800

Please note that the script works with the default MindSphere IDP and have to be adjusted if you set up a custom IDP.


Put the chrome driver next to the script, so that it looks like:

    |--   auto_reload.py
    |--   chromedriver.exe
    |--   config.json

How to use

To start the script just start the python while passing the script as a command line argument:

python auto_reload.py


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