This tool removes the “[x]_” at the beginning of StudIP zip Archives.
It also deletes the “archive_filelist.csv” file


  • python
  • os
  • regex / re

How to use

  1. Download and unzip your StudIP .zip file and place the extracted folder where it belongs

  2. Clone or download this repository and start the python file:

  3. Enter the complete folder location into the input field

  4. thats it ?

How it works

This script uses the regex expression: ^\[\d+\] and just deletes that part of the filename.

archive_filelist.csv is also deleted if present


Original After running this script
[0]_211125_annotated.pdf 211125_annotated.pdf
[1]_211111.pdf 211111.pdf
[2]_ML_v5_3.m4v ML_v5_3.m4v
archive_filelist.csv deleted


  • maybe add unzip function


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