Choice Coin V1

This Repository provides code and documentation detailing Choice Coin V1, a utility token built on the Algorand Blockchain. Choice Coin is a democratic token meant to be used for decentralized voting and democratic participation. Integrating next-generation technologies built by Fortior Blockchain, Choice Coin uses advanced software to promote decentralized democracy.

Algogeneous Smart Contracts

Algogeneous Smart Contracts represent a technical convergence of stateless and stateful smart contracts and include an innovative integration with artificial intelligence. Indeed, the confluence of smart contracts and artificial intelligence technologies are driving the edge in decentralized transactions. Stateful and Stateless functionalities are still helpful to the extent they help to explain ASC functionality and to provide subsidiary purposes within the Algogeneous architecture. Utilizing Algogeneous Smart Contracts, Quantum Query can legally and logically validate votes on a global scale for decentralized polling purposes.

Fortior Voting Protocol

Choice Coin leverages the Fortior Voting Protocol, a unique decentralized voting mechanism created on the Algorand Blockchain, to allow elections to be conducted in a decentralized fashion. Specifcally, Choice Coin serves as an asset-base for tokenizing votes on the Algorand Blockchain. For example, the 2020 United States Presidential Election, if conducted through the Fortior Voting Protocol, would have had used an asset such as “Choice Coin 2020 Election” to represent each individual vote on as a digital token. The Fortior Voting Protocol priortizes both security and efficency by storing all voter information in a database secured by post-quantum cryptography, and storing all assets in an escrow account to minimize transaction fees.


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