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Auto updating website that tracks closed & open issues/PRs on scikit-learn/scikit-learn.

Running locally

  1. Setup a virtual environment.
  2. Install requirements
pip install -r requirements
  1. Create a personal access token and set it to GITHUB_TOKEN.

  2. Run the following to call the GitHub API for repo information and cache the results into cache.json.

python cache.json dist
  1. Open dist/index.html to see the rendered page.

How to setup for another repo?

  1. Add your logo into assets directory. You can use another logo as long as it is in the assets directory.
  2. Pass in --repo into the command. Use --logo if you have a different logo name.

python cache.json dist \
    --repo scikit-learn/scikit-learn --logo logo.svg


If you already called the GitHub API once and cached the results, then you can pass
--cache-only to build without querying the GitHub API:

python cache.json dist --only-cache


This repo is under the MIT License.


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