Vision Transformer(ViT) in Tensorflow2

Tensorflow2 implementation of the Vision Transformer(ViT).

This repository is for An image is worth 16x16 words: Transformers for image recognition at scale and How to train your ViT? Data, Augmentation, and Regularization in Vision Transformers.


  • Due to memory limitations, only the ti/16, s/16, and b/16 models were tested.
  • Due to memory limitations, batch_size 2048 in s16 and 1024 in b/16 (in paper, 4096).
  • Due to computational resource limitations, only reproduce using imagenet1k.

All experimental results and graphs are opend in Wandb.

Model weights

Since this is personal project, it is hard to train with large datasets like imagenet21k. For a pretrain model with good performance, see the official repo. But if you really need it, contact me.

Install dependencies

pip install -r requirements

All experiments were done on tpu_v3-8 with the support of TRC. But you can experiment on GPU. Check conf/config.yaml and conf/downstream.yaml

  # TPU options
    mode: tpu
    gcp_project: {your_project}
    tpu_name: node-1
    tpu_zone: europe-west4-a
    mixed_precision: True
  # GPU options
  # env:
  #   mode: gpu
  #   mixed_precision: True

Train from scratch

python experiment=vit-s16-aug_light1-bs_2048-wd_0.1-do_0.1-dp_0.1-lr_1e-3 base.project_name=vit-s16-aug_light1-bs_2048-wd_0.1-do_0.1-dp_0.1-lr_1e-3 base.save_dir={your_save_dir} base.env.gcp_project={your_gcp_project} base.env.tpu_name={your_tpu_name} base.debug=False


python --config-name=downstream experiment=downstream-imagenet-ti16_384 base.pretrained={your_checkpoint} base.project_name={your_project_name} base.save_dir={your_save_dir} base.env.gcp_project={your_gcp_project} base.env.tpu_name={your_tpu_name} base.debug=False


To track metics, you can use wandb or tensorboard (default: wandb).
You can change in conf/callbacks/{filename.yaml}.

  - type: MonitorCallback
  - type: TerminateOnNaN
  - type: ProgbarLogger
      count_mode: steps
  - type: ModelCheckpoint
      filepath: ???
      save_weights_only: True
  - type: Wandb
    project: vit
    nested_dict: False
    hide_config: True
      monitor: val_loss
      save_model: False
  # - type: TensorBoard
  #   params:
  #     log_dir: ???
  #     histogram_freq: 1


This open source was assisted by TPU Research Cloud (TRC) program

Thank you for providing the TPU.


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