Request Tracker Bot

This is a Request Tracker Bot repo, It is for those who upload content like movies, anime, etc. It can be used for tracking request of content that your members asked for.

The owner of this bot is AJTimePyro, His Telegram Channel & Group.
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Some ScreenShots

These ScreenShots might help you to understand this bot well.


Direct Deploy

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How to use?

  1. Deploy your Bot on Heroku
  2. Add Bot to your group & make it admin.
  3. Add Bot to your Channel & make admin there as well, also make sure to give permission to Post Messages, Edit Messages & Delete Messages.
  4. Send ID of Group & Channel in this format /add groupID channelID to Bot.
  5. Now any user of group can request for content by using #request Keyword.

Support Telegram Group and Channel


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