Trading Calendar

Market calendar RESTful API with holiday, late open, and early close. Over 50+ unique exchange calendars for global equity and futures markets.

Data includes:

  • All holidays, including: trading holidays and partial days
  • Support for timezones and daylight savings time transitions
  • Definitions for weekends for each market
  • Open and close time for each market
  • Support for irregular and interday trading hours
  • Current market status (open or closed).

Running it locally

Pull the Docker Image

Pull pre-built image from Docker Hub repository:

docker pull apptasticsoftware/trading-calendar:latest

Start the Docker Container

Run a container based on the image:

docker run -d --name trading-calendar -p 8000:80 apptasticsoftware/trading-calendar

Test it

You should be able to test it in your Docker container’s URL, for example:

Interactive API docs

For automatic interactive API documentation (OpenAPI, previously known as the Swagger):

Calendar Support

Exchange MIC Country Exchange Website
New York Stock Exchange XNYS USA
Chicago Mercantile Exchange CMES USA
Toronto Stock Exchange XTSE Canada
BMF Bovespa BVMF Brazil
London Stock Exchange XLON England
Euronext Amsterdam XAMS Netherlands
Euronext Brussels XBRU Belgium
Euronext Lisbon XLIS Portugal
Euronext Paris XPAR France
Frankfurt Stock Exchange XFRA Germany
Deutsche Börse Xetra XETR Germany
SIX Swiss Exchange XSWX Switzerland
Tokyo Stock Exchange XTKS Japan
Austrialian Securities Exchange XASX Australia
Bolsa de Madrid XMAD Spain
Borsa Italiana XMIL Italy
New Zealand Exchange XNZE New Zealand
Wiener Borse XWBO Austria
Hong Kong Stock Exchange XHKG Hong Kong
Copenhagen Stock Exchange XCSE Denmark
Helsinki Stock Exchange XHEL Finland
Stockholm Stock Exchange XSTO Sweden
Oslo Stock Exchange XOSL Norway
Irish Stock Exchange XDUB Ireland
Bombay Stock Exchange XBOM India
Singapore Exchange XSES Singapore
Shanghai Stock Exchange XSHG China
Korea Exchange XKRX South Korea
Iceland Stock Exchange XICE Iceland
Poland Stock Exchange XWAR Poland
Santiago Stock Exchange XSGO Chile
Colombia Securities Exchange XBOG Colombia
Mexican Stock Exchange XMEX Mexico
Lima Stock Exchange XLIM Peru
Prague Stock Exchange XPRA Czech Republic
Budapest Stock Exchange XBUD Hungary
Athens Stock Exchange ASEX Greece
Istanbul Stock Exchange XIST Turkey
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange XTAE Israel
Johannesburg Stock Exchange XJSE South Africa
Malaysia Stock Exchange XKLS Malaysia
Moscow Exchange XMOS Russia
Philippine Stock Exchange XPHS Philippines
Stock Exchange of Thailand XBKK Thailand
Indonesia Stock Exchange XIDX Indonesia
Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp. XTAI Taiwan
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange XBUE Argentina
Pakistan Stock Exchange XKAR Pakistan
Astana International Exchange AIXK Kazakhstan
Bucharest Stock Exchange XBSE Romania

Note that exchange calendars are defined by their ISO-10383 market identifier code (MIC).


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