League Of Legends Account Checker


Retrieve information about a league of legends account. Region independent, it will return the following values:

Accounts will be in a file named “output/accounts 1234-56-78_90-12.txt”, created where the script is ran.

  • Region
  • Name
  • Login
  • Last Game
  • Level
  • Rank & LP
  • IP & RP
  • Refundable IP & RP
  • Refunds
  • Ban Status
  • Champions
  • Skins


Install python 3.6 or higher

Install requests

pip install requests

Rename checker.env.example to checker.env and place your account(s) in the ACCOUNTS variable like below (seperate with commas for multiple accounts):

# Paste you accounts below separated by commas
ACCOUNTS=user:pass, user1:pass1,user2:pass2

# Timeout between each account check (in seconds)
# Set to 0 for no timeout (May cause temporary rate limiting)

Afterwards, run the lolchecker.py like any normal python script.


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