Mixins for Django’s class-based views.

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Install from PyPI with pip: pip install django-braces

Building the Docs

  1. Install docs requirements: pip install -r requirements-docs.txt.
  2. cd docs.
  3. make html.
  4. Open _build/index.html in your browser.


See our contribution guide

Add yourself to CONTRIBUTORS.txt if you want.

All development dependencies are available in requirements.txt file.

To run the test suite, please install tox and as many Python interpreters as you’d like to test against. Currently we test against 2.7, 3.6, 3.7, and 3.8. We recommend using asdf to install various Python versions.

Once tox and Python(s) are installed, you can execute the entire suite by running just the tox command.

Change Log

Changelog on Read The Docs

Supported Django Versions

Our policy is that django-braces officially supports, and is tested on, all versions that Django officially supports. You are free to use django-braces with any version of Django you wish (so long as it has class-based views) but no support will be promised.