World on Rails

Learning to drive from a world on rails
Dian Chen, Vladlen Koltun, Philipp Krähenbühl,
arXiv techical report (arXiv 2105.00636)


If you find our repo or paper useful, please cite us as

  title={Learning to drive from a world on rails},
  author={Chen, Dian and Koltun, Vladlen and Kr{\"a}henb{\"u}hl, Philipp},
  booktitle={arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.00636},


  • Checkout our website for demo videos!

Getting Started

  • To run CARLA and train the models, make sure you are using a machine with at least a mid-end GPU.
  • Please follow to setup the environment.


  • Please refer to on how to train our World-on-Rails agent.
  • Please refer to on how to train the LBC agent.


If you evaluating the pretrained weights, make sure you are launching CARLA with -vulkan!

Leaderboard routes

python --agent-config=[PATH TO CONFIG]

NoCrash routes

python --town={Town01,Town02} --weather={train, test} --agent-config=[PATH TO CONFIG] --resume
  • Use defaults for RAILS, and --agent=autoagents/lbc_agent for LBC.
  • To print a readable table, use
python -m scripts.view_nocrash_results [PATH TO CONFIG.YAML]

Pretrained weights


We also release the data we trained for the leaderboard.
Checkout for more details.


The leaderboard codes are built from the original leaderboard repo.
The scenariorunner codes are from the original scenario_runner repo.
The GPS coordinate conversion codes are build from Marin Toromanoff's leadeboard submission.