Rock API

The best Rock API

What is Rock API?

Rock API is an API that allows you to view rocks and find the ratings on them. However, this isn't a regular "rock finding" API... We have rocks like, crunchy rock, moonrock, and MANY more. This api we made for entertainment purposes. Use this API in your Discord bot for commands like pls rock or !randomrock. Use it in your website for... something.

How do I use Rock API?

URL =<rock name> - Gives you a rock which returns a name, desc, image (link or none), and rating. The rating is supposed to be out of 5.

Random URL = - Gives you a random rock from the API.

View the tests folder for more examples.

DM me on Discord at Conos#9079 if you have more questions. :)

GitHub - Mr-Conos/Rock-API at
An API for getting rocks and rating them... Contribute to Mr-Conos/Rock-API development by creating an account on GitHub.