RollerScanner — Fast Port Scanner Written On Python


  1. You should clone this repository using:

git clone
  1. Install requirements:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  1. Run the script:

python3 --target...

After running, script will try to ping the target, it will also ask you for threads number, i recommend 5000, it works perfect for me.

How to use:

Currently, there are only these flags available:





It is only necessary to use --target, to set up ip/domain for scanning.
Other flags can be ignored.

--censys flag availables censys module, so scanner can get possible services and versions that are running on specific port

--nmapsv runs nmap -sv on every opened port to get possible version, it will take longer yhan censys but it is more accurate.

--port can help you to specify ports to scan, you can enter a range(1-65000), or enter ports threw “,”(23,80,443)


On my system i am able to scan 65000 ports in 14-17 seconds.
Script uses multithreading, and sets up timeout.


  1. Virtual host scan
  2. Vulnerability scan
  3. Firewall check


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