Rotated Mask R-CNN

This project is based on maskrcnn-benchmark. Rotation NMS layers were based on RRPN.

The Problem With MaskRCNN (and Bounding Boxes)

Due to bounding box ambiguity, Mask R-CNN fails in relatively dense scenes with objects of the same class, particularly if those objects have high bounding box overlap. In these scenes, both recall (due to NMS) and precision (foreground instance class ambiguity) are affected. alt text


MaskRCNN takes a bounding box input to output a single foreground (instance) segmentation per class. The hidden assumption here (as is common in many detection networks) is that a good bounding box contains just one object in that class. This is not the case for dense scenes like the pencil image above.

Unfortunately, such scenes are underrepresented in the most popular instance segmentation datasets - MSCOCO, Pascal VOC, Cityscapes. Yet they are not uncommon in many real-world applications e.g. robotics/logistics, household objects i.e. pens/chopsticks, etc. As a result, I've released a simple, small dataset called PPC - Pens, Pencils, Chopsticks (see below), and show the significant difference between Mask R-CNN and Rotated Mask R-CNN in such scenes.

Rotated Mask R-CNN


Rotated Mask R-CNN resolves some of these issues by adopting a rotated bounding box representation.

This repository extends Faster R-CNN, Mask R-CNN, or even RPN-only to work with rotated bounding boxes.

This work also builds on the Mask Scoring R-CNN ('MS R-CNN') paper by learning the quality of the predicted instance masks (maskscoring_rcnn).

The repo master branch is fully merged upstream with the latest master branch of maskrcnn-benchmark (as of 25/07/2019)


Trained on coco/train2014, evaluated on coco/val2014

Backbone Method mAP(mask)
ResNet-50 FPN Mask R-CNN 34.1
ResNet-50 FPN MS R-CNN 35.3
ResNet-50 FPN Rotated Mask R-CNN 33.4
ResNet-50 FPN Rotated MS R-CNN 34.7

PPC (Pens, Pencils, Chopsticks)
PPC (Pens, Pencils, Chopsticks) dataset: Link
Trained on train.json, evaluated on test.json (pens & pencils only, no chopstick class)

Backbone Method mAP(mask)
ResNet-50 FPN MS R-CNN 13.2
ResNet-50 FPN Rotated MS R-CNN 19.3

Additional Features

  • Soft NMS (Implemented for both bounding box and rotated detections. Original repo)
  • Mask IoU head (From maskscoring_rcnn). This is a better refactored version than the original repo - the original does not have batch inference/testing in the Mask IoU layer.


  • Keypoints for rotated bounding boxes


Check for installation instructions.

Prepare Data

  mkdir -p datasets/coco
  ln -s /path_to_coco_dataset/annotations datasets/coco/annotations
  ln -s /path_to_coco_dataset/train2014 datasets/coco/train2014
  ln -s /path_to_coco_dataset/test2014 datasets/coco/test2014
  ln -s /path_to_coco_dataset/val2014 datasets/coco/val2014


All example configs related to rotated maskrcnn are in configs/rotated folder

Pretrained Models

Pre-trained models (and config) on MSCOCO can be found here:


Single GPU Training

  python tools/ --config-file "configs/rotated/e2e_ms_rcnn_R_50_FPN_1x.yaml" SOLVER.IMS_PER_BATCH 2 SOLVER.BASE_LR 0.0025 SOLVER.MAX_ITER 720000 SOLVER.STEPS "(480000, 640000)" TEST.IMS_PER_BATCH 1

Multi-GPU Training

  export NGPUS=8
  python -m torch.distributed.launch --nproc_per_node=$NGPUS tools/ --config-file "configs/rotated/e2e_ms_rcnn_R_50_FPN_1x.yaml" 

For more details, see in


  python tools/ --config-file "configs/rotated/e2e_ms_rcnn_R_50_FPN_1x.yaml" --ckpt checkpoints/rotated/mscoco_msrcnn/model_final.pth  

For more details, see in

Note that detection ("bbox") results are not relevant to Rotated Mask R-CNN, since detections are defined as bounding boxes, while Rotated Mask R-CNN outputs rotated bounding boxes.


  python my_tools/

Be sure to change the input values e.g. config_file (.yaml), model_file (.pth), image_dir


  • Memory: Almost identical to Mask RCNN (with just a few more parameters)
  • Speed: slightly slower (~10%) during inference, 30-50% slower during training

Visualizing Rotated RPN Anchors

  python my_tools/

Can be a useful tool for visualizing base Rotated RPN anchors. Use it to adjust the anchor sizes and ratios (and angles, if needed) for your application.

Other Examples




The work was done at Dorabot Inc.


If you find Rotated Mask R-CNN useful in your research, please consider citing:

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