RSA Cryptography Authentication Proof-of-Concept

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This project was a request by Structured Programming lectures in Computer Science college.
It runs with both a Python front-end CLI structure and API Endpoints running with Flask.


This application does feature a simple authentication concept with encryption over the data transfered between the client and the endpoint.

  • User registration
  • User authentication


  • Python v3.0 or greater is required.
  • This project was tested only in Windows. Might be able to run it on Linux and other *nix based operational systems.



  • First, clone this repository or download the folder and extract it somewhere
    $ git clone

  • Create a python virtual environment
    $ python -m venv venv

  • Activate the virtual environment
    $ .\venv\Scripts\activate

  • Install project dependencies
    $ pip install -r requirements.txt


This application is deployed with both the client and the Flask API You have to run both to be able to reproduce the concept.

  • First, run the Flask API with the Virtual Environment (venv) active:
    $ (venv) $ flask run
    By default, flask run will run

Your API should now be running at http://localhost:500/.

  • Open up another CLI and run the main application:
    (venv) $ python .\

You can now select whichever options you wanna test.
1 for logging in with a existent user.
2 for registering a new user.
3 to quit the application.


This application was developed with help of the following Python packages and its subdependencies:

Also, some other tools were used during the development process:


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This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. Check the file for deteails.

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