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With Cassowary you can run a Windows virtual machine and use Windows applications on Linux as if they were native applications, built upon FreeRDP and remote apps technology.

If you prefer a setup guide video instead of a wall of text, click here.

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Cassowary supports:

  • Running Windows application as if they were native application
  • Opening files from a Linux host directly inside Windows applications
  • Using Linux apps to open files that are on a Windows VM
  • Allowing easy access between both the guest and host filesystems
  • An easy-to-use configuration utility
  • Creating an application launcher for Windows application
  • Automatically suspending the VM when no Windows application is in use and automatically resume it when required (virt-manager only)

This README consists of instructions for:

  1. Setting up a Windows VM with virt-manager
  2. Installing Cassowary on a Windows guest and Linux host
  3. Extra How to’s and FAQ
  4. Building Cassowary from source
  5. How can I help?

4. Building Cassowary from source

Install wine first, in order to build Windows application on Linux. Internet access is required to download the python binary for setup.

$ git clone https://github.com/casualsnek/cassowary
$ cd cassowary
$ ./buildall.sh

If buildall.sh produces an error such as bash: ./buildall.sh: Permission denied, run this command:

chmod +x buildall.sh

and then run the following again:


This will create a dist folder inside app-linux which contains the installable wheel file.
A bin folder will also be created inside app-windows containing the setup files for Windows.

5. How can I help?

  • Improve the README.md
  • Report bugs or submit patches
  • Suggest new features or improvements on existing ones!


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