Jupter Notebook REST API

Run your jupyter notebooks as a REST API endpoint. This isn’t a jupyter server but rather just a way to run your notebooks as a REST API Endpoint.

Running locally

Clone project

mkdir rest-project
cd rest-project
git clone https://github.com/Invictify/Jupter-Notebook-REST-API .

Install via Pipenv

pipenv install
pipenv shell

You can also use pip install -r requirements.txt

Add your notebook(s) to “src/notebooks”

There’s an example notebook already in there called scrape.ipynb.

Run locally

pipenv run uvicorn src.server:app --reload

You can also do:

chmod +x run.sh

Trigger a notebook.

With the server running, trigger notebook (relative path) like notebooks/scrape.ipynb

import requests
r = requests.post("http://localhost:8000/trigger/notebooks/scrape.ipynb")


Create Heroku app

You’ll only have to do this 1 time.

heroku apps:create

Using Git

git init
git add --all
git commit -m "Project commit"
git push heroku master

Using Docker

Login to Heroku Container Registry

heroku container:login

Build & Push to Heroku

docker build -t -f Dockerfile.web .
heroku container:push web --recursive
heroku container:release web