Rundeck / Prometheus / Grafana integration demo via Rundeck Exporter

This is a demo environment that shows how to monitor a Rundeck instance using Rundeck Exporter (thanks to @phsmith!), Prometheus, and Grafana with this dashboard.



  1. Docker.
  2. Docker-compose.
  3. A decent modern web browser 🙂

Getting the source

git clone

Building the environment

  1. Go to the cloned repository directory.
  2. Build the environment with docker-compose build.

Running the environment

  1. Just do docker-compose up.

Testing the environment

  1. Open the http://localhost:3000 URL in your web browser (user admin, password admin) and then select the “Rundeck” dashboard.
  2. Open a new tab with the http://localhost:4440 URL (user admin, password admin) and create a new project with a job, do some executions.
  3. If you check the first browser tab (you will see all Rundeck instance metrics updated on the Grafana dashboard).


Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 12 12 34


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