Rust Markdown Parsing Benchmarks

This repo tries to assess Rust markdown parsing performance.

We currently compare:


Name Overhead (release) Build (debug) Parse (release) Downloads Version
null 0 KiB 720ms 3ms Download count
comrak 2,153 KiB 30s 5ms Download count v0.12.1
mini_markdown 99 KiB 1s N/A Download count v0.2.5
minimad 20 KiB 1s 2ms Download count v0.9.0
pulldown-cmark 711 KiB 4s 3ms Download count v0.9.0

System: Linux 5.4.0-91-generic (x86_64) w/ -j 8


  • Overhead will be lower if your application shares dependencies with your argument parsing library.

Running the Benchmarks

$ ./
$ ./


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