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Added Features

  • Imdb posters for autofilter.
  • Imdb rating for autofilter.
  • Custom captions for your files.
  • Index command to index all the files in a given channel (No USER_SESSION Required).
  • Ability to Index Public Channels without being admin.
  • Support Auto-Filter (Both in PM and in Groups)
  • Once files saved in Database , exists until you manually deletes. (No Worry if post gets deleted from source channel.)
  • Added Force subscribe (Only channel subscribes can use the bot)
  • Ability to restrict groups(AUTH_GROUPS)

Deploy To Heroku


Hard Way

# Create virtual environment
python3 -m venv env

# Activate virtual environment
env\Scripts\activate.bat # For Windows
source env/bin/activate # For Linux or MacOS

# Install Packages
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

# Edit with variables as given below then run bot

Check before editing file


Required Variables

  • BOT_TOKEN: Create a bot using @BotFather, and get the Telegram API token.
  • API_ID: Get this value from
  • API_HASH: Get this value from
  • CHANNELS: Username or ID of channel or group. Separate multiple IDs by space
  • ADMINS: Username or ID of Admin. Separate multiple Admins by space
  • DATABASE_URI: mongoDB URI. Get this value from mongoDB. For more help watch this video
  • DATABASE_NAME: Name of the database in mongoDB. For more help watch this video

Optional Variables

  • OMDB_API_KEY: OMBD_API_KEY to generate imdb poster for filter results.Get it from
  • CUSTOM_FILE_CAPTION : A custom caption for your files. You can format it with file_name, file_size, file_caption.(supports html formating)
    Example: <b>Join [MT Bots]( for more useful bots</b>\n\n<code>{file_name}</code>\nSize{file_size}\n{file_caption}.
  • AUTH_GROUPS : ID of groups which bot should work as autofilter, bot can only work in thease groups. If not given , bot can be used in any group.
  • COLLECTION_NAME: Name of the collections. Defaults to Telegram_files. If you going to use same database, then use different collection name for each bot
  • CACHE_TIME: The maximum amount of time in seconds that the result of the inline query may be cached on the server
  • USE_CAPTION_FILTER: Whether bot should use captions to improve search results. (True/False)
  • AUTH_USERS: Username or ID of users to give access of inline search. Separate multiple users by space. Leave it empty if you don’t want to restrict bot usage.
  • AUTH_CHANNEL: ID of channel. Without subscribing this channel users cannot use bot.
  • START_MSG: Welcome message for start command.


  • You can use | to separate query and file type while searching for specific type of file. For example: Avengers | video
  • If you don’t want to create a channel or group, use your chat ID / username as the channel ID. When you send a file to a bot, it will be saved in the database.

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Code released under The GNU General Public License.


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