Save restricted content Bot

Contact: Telegram

A stable telegram bot to get restricted messages with custom thumbnail support , made by @MaheshChauhan.

  • works for both public and private channels
  • Custom thumbnail support for Pvt medias
  • supports text and webpage media messages
  • Faster speed
  • Forcesubscribe available
  • /batch – (For owner only) Use this command to save upto 100 files from a pvt or public restricted channel at once.
  • Time delay is added to avoid FloodWait and keep user account safe.


  • API_ID
  • AUTH – Owner user id
  • FORCESUB – Public channel username without ‘@’. Don’t forget to add bot in channel as administrator.

Get API & PYROGRAM string session from:

API: API scrapper Bot or

PYROGRAM SESSION: SessionGen Bot or Run on

BOT TOKEN: @Botfather on telegram


  • Fork the repo, and star it
  • create app in heroku
  • go to settings of app>> config vars>> add all variables
  • add buildpacks
  • connect to github and deploy
  • turn on dynos

Buildpacks for manual deploy:

  • heroku/python


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