Schema validation for Xarray

MIT License


This package is in the early stages of development. Install it from source:

pip install git+git://github.com/carbonplan/xarray-schema


Xarray-schema’s API is modeled after Pandera. The DataArraySchema and DatasetSchema objects both have .validate() methods.

The basic usage is as follows:

import numpy as np
import xarray as xr
from xarray_schema import DataArraySchema, DatasetSchema

da = xr.DataArray(np.ones(4, dtype='i4'), dims=['x'], name='foo')

schema = DataArraySchema(dtype=np.integer, name='foo', shape=(4, ), dims=['x'])



This is a very early prototype of a library. Some key things are missing:

  1. Validation of coords, chunks, and attrs. None of these are implemented yet.
  2. Class-based schema’s for parts of the Xarray data model. Most validations are currently made as direct comparisons (da.name == self.name) but a more robust approach is possible that leverages classes for each component of the data model. We’re already handling some special cases using None as a sentinel value to allow for wildcard-like behavior in places (i.e. dims and shape)
  3. Exceptions: Pandera accumulates schema exceptions and reports them all at once. Currently, we are a eagerly raising SchemaErrors when the are found.


All the code in this repository is MIT licensed, but we request that you please provide attribution if reusing any of our digital content (graphics, logo, articles, etc.).

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