Scout Python APM Agent

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Monitor the performance of Python Django apps, Flask apps, and Celery workers with Scout’s Python APM Agent. Detailed performance metrics and transaction traces are collected once the scout-apm package is installed and configured.



Python 2.7 or 3.4+.

Scout APM has integrations for the following frameworks:

  • Bottle 0.12+
  • CherryPy 18.0.0+
  • Celery 3.1+
  • Django 1.8+
  • Dramatiq 1.0+
  • Falcon 2.0+
  • Flask 0.10+
  • Huey 2.0+
  • Hug 2.5.1+
  • Nameko 2.0+
  • Pyramid 1.8+
  • RQ 1.0+
  • Starlette 0.12+

For other frameworks, you can use the agent’s instrumentation API.

To use Scout, you’ll need to sign up for an account or use our Heroku Addon.


For full installation instructions, including information on configuring Scout via environment variables and troubleshooting, see our Python docs.


Please email us at or create a GitHub issue.


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