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This Project is a personal project where I learned how to webscrape using python requests. Being able to get requests to input cookies, headers, params, and login-data after pulling my school url. This project is suppose to show the learning process of my understanding of python, html, and python requests with the end goal of locating the html tags containing my grades by logging in my school account.

This project can be transfered over to many things such as automating log in on gmail, github, etc. and displaying elements that I want onto the console. I would like to create a software that is able to have a hub full of my stuff in the near future instead of logging in to every single website having multiple tabs open. However baby steps first..

Feel free to critque my code, add suggestions, if theres anything I should be warned about please let me know.

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Current Version Notes

-Able to simulate a user login without getting the NoExceptionSessionFlow -Able to input my login data onto the textbox tags -Looking to get through the 2 step authecation.. -Looking to get the url pull for grades and scrape the tags for my grades on my school website..


Cyrus Baybay – @CyrusBaebaehttps://twitter.com/CyrusBaebae

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