Scrapes Every Email Address of Every Society in Every University.

How to automatically generate new data

  • Go to unis.yml
  • Add your uni
  • Create a Pull Request
  • GitHub Actions bot will automatically update as per your PR
  • When I approve the PR your Uni will automatically be loaded into the website

How to run yourself

Add any URLs to unis.yml

PS: Don't forget to leave a trailing newline at the end of the file

git clone
cd society-email-scrape

How to test for a single university

  1. Choose a university (on your own or from unis.yml)
  2. Run python UNIVERSITY_URL

To run with debug mode

The program features a debug mode. To enable it, simply preface the python command with DEBUG_MODE=true

For example:

DEBUG_MODE=true python3

Or set the DEBUG_MODE variable to true globally in your shell with, export DEBUG_MODE=true

Note: DEBUG_MODE is enabled when the variable is set, to unset, use the unset keyword in bash