Screenshots of news homepages around the world

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Getting started

Fork the repository and clone it. Move into the code directory and install the Python dependencies.

pipenv install --dev

Install pre-commit hooks.

pipenv run pre-commit install

Install the shot-scraper web browser.

pipenv run shot-scraper install


Try a screenshot. The command, as well as all the other commands, expects you pass in the Twitter handle of the target site. The supported sites are listed in newshomepages/sources/sites.csv.

pipenv run python -m newshomepages.shoot single latimes


Posting to Twitter and other platforms requires a variety of credentials stored in environment variables. I recommend you create a .env file. There you need to store a Twitter access key and app token that has the permissions necessary to post.


Now you can post tweets by running the following:

pipenv run python -m newshomepages.tweet single latimes


Posting to Telegram requires you add a working API key to the environment.


Then you can post a single site with the following:

pipenv run python -m newshomepages.telegrammer latimes


Posting to Discord requires you add a working bot token to the environment.


Then you can post a single site with the following:

pipenv run python -m newshomepages.discorder latimes


To store the file in the Internet Archive you’ll need to add an access key pair and the unique identifier of a collection to the environment.


Then you can upload a file by running the following:

pipenv run python -m newshomepages.archive latimes

Adding a site

Adding a new site requires that a new row be added to newshomepages/sources/sites.csv with, at a minimum, the handle, URL and timezone of the target. You can also override the system’s defaults by adding optional attributes for the width, height and time delay for the screenshots.

After doing that, you should verify the site works by running the command and inspecting the result.

Then you should add the site to our schedule by inserting its handle name in the matrix of the relevantGitHub Action workflow.


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