Script to generate markdown of API endpoints which then can be used to produce visual mindmap to give a nice overview of the target. Supports txt as well as Burp xml as input.


After watching the bug bounty space develop and grow from the side I never noticed any such tool that visualizes the API by its endpoints and makes the researchers life easier to for example document APIs. Recently when I confronted a domain which had multiple big APIs put under it, I thought now is the time. Then the tool born.


Input can be supplied with a txt file or Burp Suite’s XML output of a single domain. Text file should have a request type and URL path separated by a space. Also the path must start with a single /.


GET /callback/braintree?lol
DELETE /consumer-api/venue-content-api/v1/carousels
GET /v1/consumer-api/address-fields/
POST /v1/consumer-api/tab-bar

Burp’s XML can be supplied as you get it.

The parser takes care of (removes) parameters, hashes and duplicate lines.

The stdout output contains the markdown which can be used on a site like https://markmap.js.org/repl/ and visualize everything. There are also code snippets which do that for you or you can export HTML/SVG from the website.

Important note about the mentioned website. It supports max depth of only 6, so the api path which is very “deep”/long won’t get put onto the graph. That generally isn’t too much of a problem but if it gets really annoying you could build a custome visualizer.

Output example

Python code could return:

#  callback
## GET braintree
#  consumer-api
##  venue-content-api
###  v1
#### GET carousels
#  v1
## POST checkout-content

Another plus is the possibility to easily make notes for every endpoint by just writing after the correct heading line. Like this:

# callback
## GET braintree
returns a random cat image

Visualised view:


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