Aliexpress to telegram post

Python script that reads Aliexpress offers urls from a Excel filename (.csv) and post then in a Telegram channel using a bot. You can see post design in image below. You need to create a cronjob in server to determine publishing frecuency of new offers.


1.) Open

2.) Configure params of first lines.

3.) Create a cronjob entry in server with desired execution frecuency of script.

Example of cronjob entry for ejecuting script located in /home/ubuntu/ every 60 seconds:

          • python3 /home/ubuntu/ > /home/ubuntu/log_aliexpress.log 2>&1

Output of script executed will be stored in /home/ubuntu/log_aliexpress.log for checking.

You can check more cronjobs entries examples in:

Example screenshot of message published in Telegram Channel after execution:


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