Script to quickly get the metrics from Github repos to analyze.


Install the Github CLI. You’ll know its working when running gh --version returns a version number.

Create a Python virtual environment. Run:

python3 -m venv .venv

Then activate your virtual environment:

source .venv/bin/activate
# on Windows

Install the required dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Finally, build the command in your virtual environment:

pip install --editable cpa

You’ll know you’ve got it working when cpa --version returns a usage message.


cpa [...repositories]


cpa carpenterd777/commit-prefix-analysis

# Another example
cpa carpeterd777/commit-prefix-analysis elenirotsides/Trivia-Bot

You can add any number of repositories as an argument to the command, as long as they are in the form owner/name.

Creates a .csv file results.csv in the directory in which it was run.

This command creates and deletes directories in the current working directory where it is called. This could cause problems if there are other directories with the same name as the repos being downloaded. It is advised to run this in an empty directory.


When you’re finished with the script run deactivate to leave the Python virtual environment.

More Info

To learn more about what a virtual environement in Python is, read here: Create a Python virtual environment using venv


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