Linux Appliance Builder

These scripts are useful for building Linux appliances or firmware images that do not require a full user-land and have a custom kernel configuration with optional patches. It also has a script to build a unified kernel image with the initrd and command line in a signed EFI application.


To use, start with a linux.config file and run:

linux-builder \
    -v \
    --version 5.4.117 \
    --config linux.config

This will download Linux 5.4.117 from, (todo verify it), unpack it, apply any patches, generate the .config file for it and then invoke a recursive make to build it in ./build.


For the kernel’s initial ramdisk cpio file, you might be able to just list the binaries that you want to include and then:

initrd-builder \
    -v \
    -o build/initrd.cpio.xz \
    base-initrd.conf \


unify-kernel \
  --kernel build/vmlinuz-linux \
  --initrd build/initrd.cpio.xz \
  --commandline commandline.txt \
  -o build/bootx64.efi


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