Caylent Security Catalyst Reference Architecture Examples

This repository contains solutions for Caylent’s Security Catalyst. The Security Catalyst is an additional offering to our customized AWS Control Tower Solution. This Security Solutions will help your organization deploy AWS security-related services in a multi-account environment following patterns that align with the AWS Security Reference Architecture.

The resources created in these solutions have IAM roles and policies that following the practice of least priveledge. They will need to be modified to suit your organization’s needs.

The examples within this repository have been deployed and tested using the corresponding deployment platform (e.g. AWS Control Tower and AWS CloudFormation StackSets).

Security Catalyst Example Solutions


Repository and Solution Naming Convention

The repository is organized by AWS service solutions, which include deployment platforms (e.g., AWS Control Tower and AWS CloudFormation StackSet).


|-- solutions
    |-- guardduty
        |-- guardduty-org
            |-- aws-control-tower/
                |-- parameters/
                |-- manifest.yaml
           |-- code/src/
               |-- requirements.txt
           |-- templates/
               |-- guardduty-org-configuration.yaml
               |-- ...
    |-- ...

The example solutions within this repository can be managed/deployed to accounts using AWS Organizations or directly within individual accounts. The suffix on the solution name identifies how the solution is managed/deployed.

Solution Suffix Description
acct The solution is managed/deployed within each account
org The solution is managed/deployed to accounts via AWS Organizations
ou The solution is managed/deployed to accounts via Organization Units


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