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SegFormer: Simple and Efficient Design for Semantic Segmentation with Transformers

Figure 1: Performance of SegFormer-B0 to SegFormer-B5.

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SegFormer: Simple and Efficient Design for Semantic Segmentation with Transformers.
Enze Xie, Wenhai Wang, Zhiding Yu, Anima Anandkumar, Jose M. Alvarez, and Ping Luo.
NeurIPS 2021.

This repository contains the official Pytorch implementation of training & evaluation code and the pretrained models for SegFormer.

SegFormer is a simple, efficient and powerful semantic segmentation method, as shown in Figure 1.

We use MMSegmentation v0.13.0 as the codebase.

?? SegFormer is on MMSegmentation. ??


For install and data preparation, please refer to the guidelines in MMSegmentation v0.13.0.

Other requirements:
pip install timm==0.3.2

An example (works for me): CUDA 10.1 and pytorch 1.7.1

pip install torchvision==0.8.2
pip install timm==0.3.2
pip install mmcv-full==1.2.7
pip install opencv-python==
cd SegFormer && pip install -e . --user


Download trained weights.

Example: evaluate SegFormer-B1 on ADE20K:

# Single-gpu testing
python tools/test.py local_configs/segformer/B1/segformer.b1.512x512.ade.160k.py /path/to/checkpoint_file

# Multi-gpu testing
./tools/dist_test.sh local_configs/segformer/B1/segformer.b1.512x512.ade.160k.py /path/to/checkpoint_file <GPU_NUM>

# Multi-gpu, multi-scale testing
tools/dist_test.sh local_configs/segformer/B1/segformer.b1.512x512.ade.160k.py /path/to/checkpoint_file <GPU_NUM> --aug-test


Download weights pretrained on ImageNet-1K, and put them in a folder pretrained/.

Example: train SegFormer-B1 on ADE20K:

# Single-gpu training
python tools/train.py local_configs/segformer/B1/segformer.b1.512x512.ade.160k.py 

# Multi-gpu training
./tools/dist_train.sh local_configs/segformer/B1/segformer.b1.512x512.ade.160k.py <GPU_NUM>


Here is a demo script to test a single image. More details refer to MMSegmentation’s Doc.

python demo/image_demo.py ${IMAGE_FILE} ${CONFIG_FILE} ${CHECKPOINT_FILE} [--device ${DEVICE_NAME}] [--palette-thr ${PALETTE}]

Example: visualize SegFormer-B1 on CityScapes:

python demo/image_demo.py demo/demo.png local_configs/segformer/B1/segformer.b1.512x512.ade.160k.py \
/path/to/checkpoint_file --device cuda:0 --palette cityscapes


Please check the LICENSE file. SegFormer may be used non-commercially, meaning for research or
evaluation purposes only. For business inquiries, please contact
[email protected].


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