Segmenter: Transformer for Semantic Segmentation by Robin Strudel*, Ricardo Garcia*, Ivan Laptev and Cordelia Schmid.

*Equal Contribution


Define os environment variables pointing to your checkpoint and dataset directory, put in your .bashrc:

export DATASET=/path/to/dataset/dir

Install PyTorch 1.9 then pip install . at the root of this repository.

To download ADE20K, use the following command:

python -m segm.scripts.prepare_ade20k $DATASET

Model Zoo

We release models with a Vision Transformer backbone initialized from the improved ViT models.


Segmenter models with ViT backbone:

Name mIoU (SS/MS) # params Resolution FPS Download
Seg-T-Mask/16 38.1 / 38.8 7M 512x512 52.4 model config log
Seg-S-Mask/16 45.3 / 46.9 27M 512x512 34.8 model config log
Seg-B-Mask/16 48.5 / 50.0 106M 512x512 24.1 model config log
Seg-L-Mask/16 51.3 / 53.2 334M 512x512 10.6 model config log
Seg-L-Mask/16 51.8 / 53.6 334M 640x640 - model config log

Segmenter models with DeiT backbone:

Name mIoU (SS/MS) # params Resolution FPS Download
Seg-B/16 47.1 / 48.1 87M 512x512 27.3 model config log
Seg-B-Mask/16 48.7 / 50.1 106M 512x512 24.1 model config log

Pascal Context

Name mIoU (SS/MS) # params Resolution FPS Download
Seg-L-Mask/16 58.1 / 59.0 334M 480x480 - model config log


Download one checkpoint with its configuration in a common folder, for example seg_tiny_mask.

You can generate segmentation maps from your own data with:

python -m segm.inference --model-path seg_tiny_mask/checkpoint.pth -i images/ -o segmaps/ 

To evaluate on ADE20K, run the command:

# single-scale evaluation:
python -m segm.eval.miou seg_tiny_mask/checkpoint.pth ade20k --singlescale
# multi-scale evaluation:
python -m segm.eval.miou seg_tiny_mask/checkpoint.pth ade20k --multiscale


Train Seg-T-Mask/16 on ADE20K on a single GPU:

python -m segm.train --log-dir seg_tiny_mask --dataset ade20k \
  --backbone vit_tiny_patch16_384 --decoder mask_transformer

To train Seg-B-Mask/16, simply set vit_base_patch16_384 as backbone and launch the above command using a minimum of 4 V100 GPUs (~12 minutes per epoch) and up to 8 V100 GPUs (~7 minutes per epoch). The code uses SLURM environment variables.


To plot the logs of your experiments, you can use

python -m segm.utils.logs logs.yml

with logs.yml located in utils/ with the path to your experiments logs:

root: /path/to/checkpoints/
  seg-t: seg_tiny_mask/log.txt
  seg-b: seg_base_mask/log.txt

Video Segmentation

Zero shot video segmentation on DAVIS video dataset with Seg-B-Mask/16 model trained on ADE20K.






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