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Selenium Page Object Model with Python

Page-object-model (POM) is a pattern that you can apply it to develop efficient automation framework. With page-model, it is possible to minimise maintenance cost. Basically page-object means that your every page is inherited from a base class which includes basic functionalities for every pages. If you have some new functionality that every pages have, you can simple add it to the base class.

BasePage class include basic functionality and driver initialization

class BasePage(object):
    def __init__(self, driver, base_url='http://localhost:8080/'):
        self.base_url = base_url
        self.driver = driver
        self.timeout = 30

    def find_element(self, *locator):
        return self.driver.find_element(*locator)

MainPage is derived from the `BasePage class, it contains methods related to this page, which will be used to create test steps.

# main_page.py
class MainPage(BasePage):
    def __init__(self, driver):
        self.locator = MainPageLocators
        super().__init__(driver)  # Python3 version

    def check_page_loaded(self):
        return True if self.find_element(*self.locator.LOGO) else False

When you want to write tests, you should derive your test class from BaseTest which holds basic functionality for your tests. Then you can call page and related methods in accordance with the steps in the test cases

class TestSignInPage(BaseTest):

    def test_sign_in_with_valid_user(self):
        print("\n" + str(test_cases(4)))
        main_page = MainPage(self.driver)
        login_page = main_page.click_sign_in_button()
        result = login_page.login_with_valid_user("valid_user")
        self.assertIn("yourstore/home", result.get_url())

If you want to run all tests, you should type:

python -m unittest 

If you want to run just a class, you should type:

python -m unittest tests.test_sign_in_page.TestSignInPage

If you want to run just a test method, you should type:

python -m unittest tests.test_sign_in_page.TestSignInPage.test_page_load


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